So Eun Gi, remember this well. This time don’t ever forget it.

Remember it well.This is our first kiss” 

Oh my god!!! Emosi ku tercabik2.. drama ini buat ketagihan habis.. gtw sapa yg mau disalahkan dlm drama ini..smw org punya masa lalu yg kelam..
Sebagian berharap drama ini cepat kelar, tp sebagian lg berharap drama ini ga tamat2..

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I always let other people to take pen to write my story life.. maybe because I don’t have confident or maybe because I don’t know what I really want…
When I looked back, I saw nothing.. I don’t have anything to make me proud, nothing to make me can call myself proudly. I don’t have confident to continue my life.. but I don’t wanna die. I want to still alive to make people know that I was here, I am here and will always be here.. look at me, look what I do to make myself better..

I want that strenght, strenght to change..
But why it’s so hard to change myself better???

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<3 <3 <3

Lampu&#8217;uk beach, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Lampu’uk beach, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

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Rich Man, Poor Woman (ep. 10) - “Searching for Makoto”

i love these scenes.. arrgghhh..i can’t wait for rich man poor woman episode 11’s subtitle.. it’s killing me :’(